About our movement

The whole thing started out as an idea that was made up by a girl from the countryside... as a sports and healthy lifestyle enthusiast she organized a community... and the members of the team said: let’s train ENIway, let’s eat ENIway... for today this has become a massive movement here, in the north of the country, in small...

Because I knew that besides physical activity, results and gains can only be achieved with proper eating habits, I hosted dietetics seminars. On these occasions Viktória Keviczki nutritionist shed light on food, nutrition, and diets.

Viki lived in the same village where I did and we have known each other since we were children. Her attitude towards others, her patience, her precision and her respect towards her profession what makes her exemplary. For instance, throughout my first camp back in 2014 she listened and gave advice to the members of the group from dawn to dusk, while supervising the menu and serving the portions of each and every meal. Viki is one of the driving force of our group, whom we are truly proud of!

I don’t want to lie to anybody that this is all about G-flex, Spartan, or Sparrowbag – so functional training - , or healthy lifestyle... all of us who is here know that success (if we can call it that ) is not only due to this. We, who have come together, have similar mindsets, have similar goals, and most importantly: we take it seriously!

I started somewhere long ago... lacking the courage of my convictions, feeling insecure what might others think of me, full of doubt and worry, BUT I knew what I wanted. There were some who tried to hold me back, tried to make me question myself, tried to convince me that what I was doing was wrong... There were times when offence, conspiracy and ill will brought me to my knees but now I realise that all of this does not mean anything... there is a group of people who trusted me, believed in me, and stood by my side. These are the people who gave me energy and support and I’m grateful for THEM!



My life took a turn and everything changed in one year: the number of training sessions, events and guests grew week after week. I had to step out of the housewife and mother role and I needed to reorganize my weekdays. I spent almost every other weekend in Budapest attending either to a training, a workhop, or just practicing with other professional collegaues. I’ve became a member of the Gflex Expert Team, a member of Gabi Bánkúti’s Spartan team, a member of the Sparrowbag team, a member of Fit College Elit team and a presenter at sport and fitness events and exhibitions throughout the country. I have been invited, and they keep inviting me, which is happily accepted because that’s the only way of growing, learning, absorbing, and soaking up knowledge.

But what do I mean by all of this?

At the time when I was a journalist at a local newspaper for 6 years I did my daily job with the same mindset. I loved writing, seeking my teeth into local public sphere and politics... there were principles that I stuck to and if I dedicate myself to something then I’ll stand by it no matter what... well this is not lucky at a local paper during a political campaign period... I’ll never forget what the editor in chief told me at that time: „You are a revolutionist Enikő, a fighter who needs to stand in the front row. You don’t even care if they shoot you down, in fact you scream: shoot me!! That is not the way...” And my only reaction was: „ IT IS THE ONLY WAY!”

Why do I share this with you?

To see that we can stand up for our standards, our opinions and beliefs regardless of the field we are working on. One way or another we have to fight for our goals and dreams. Some of use fight with a particular situation, some uf us fight against a disease, and there are some of us who have to fight with themselves. We are all fighters who support each other, who are filled up with energy by the workouts and the events we do together. This is US... the club, or the sect... as we are called here locally...

Pictures from the weekdays of the team are accessible HERE but the short film made to celebrate the year 2015 for eddzENIway speaks louder...


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