About Us

Sport and me

Anyone who steps into my gym comes across a sentence on the wall: GO HARD OR GO HOME! Ever since I’ve started to hold training sessions I stuck to this because that’s the only way to get results. Giving it all, no chitchatting, not being suave .There are some basic rules that you have to follow if you want to visit my classes. It’s my way or the highway.




About our movement

The whole thing started out as an idea that was made up by a girl from the countryside... as an ethusiastic of sports and healthy lifestyle she organized a community... and then the members of the team said: let’s train ENIway, eat ENIway... for today this have become a massive movement here, North of the country, in small...



Glamour Photos

Feminity behind tenacity, elegance in the rat race and some „girly stuff” as my 6-year-old daughter names it. That was my ambition with this photoshoot in fall 2015. The photos were taken by Zoltán Végh, my make-up was done by Anita Heizer, and my hairstyle was done by my favourite hairdresser, Szilvia Szolnoki. This time though I am thankful for much more things for her than just the variety of hairstyles.



Edzés: Szeles Enikő

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