Sport and me

If you step into my gym a caption hits you right between the eyes: GO HARD OR GO HOME!

Ever since I’ve started to hold training sessions I stuck to this motto because that’s the only way to get results. Giving it all, not chitchatting, not being suave .There are some basic rules that you have to follow if you want to visit my classes. It’s my way or the highway.


But first, let me intruduce myself:

I’m Enikő Szeles, turned into a trainer from an enthusiastic sport-lover, originally qualified as an economist, 38 years old. Besides sports, my biggest passion is writing, ad I’m blissful that I could have lived for this for 6 years  as a journalist at a local newspaper. Although physical activities played an important role in my life, I’ve never done them professionally. As a child, I played handball, then spent 10 years doing aerobics. I’ve got to know different variations of aerobics, which – at that time- I truly enjoyed. I continued doing sports while raising my three children, although my needs for physical activity have completely transformed. I’ve no longer wanted to do workouts that maintained my body, allowed to set me free, or made me joyful. I wanted something that required serious strength and something that would challenge me. Thus, I’ve become familiar with functional training.



Almost all of my qualifications were achieved at IWI International Wellness Institute. These are: bodybuilding-fitness sport trainer, gflex expert trainer, sparrowbag instructor, functional trainer, Spartan Fighter Training instructor, Spartan Girja-Kettlebell Level I-II. instructor. In order to broaden my horizon I’ve attended Tóth Zoltán, a.k.a. Tozó’s „special methods and techniques in bodybuilding” training, and I’ve achieved a cross over x-training instructor qualification at Fitness Company. In order to gain knowledge, I visit different workshops regurarly. As an example, in 2015 I attended to a plyometric and agility workshop. Then – due to the fact that challenges keep me alive – I decided that I would try something new, something that’s a far cry from what I did before: polefitness. In connection with introducing Stroops, I’ve got to know the excellent trainer crew of Fit College in 2016.

I believe that as a trainer we have to set a good example and motivate people: not only with our body or with our appearance -that’s a must - but with our healthy lifestyle, our physical condition and performance, and our positive mindset too. I acted in this spirit when I started to grow a fantastic community at my hometown: Salgótarján, Nógrád county, Hungary. In my own, simple but cosy functional gym and garden we push ourselves beyond our limits with the members of my populous team, time after time.

My goal is to show that it does not matter what your labels are, where you come from, how old you are, what have you done until this time,how many kids you have had or what desease you have fought before. If you truly want to accomplish something, you only need a few things: perseverance, devotion, and a huge amount of work.

If you’d like to attend to my classes in Salgótarján, Szécsény, or Bátonyterenye feel free to contact me on Facebook.

You can also watch my videos down below:


Edzés: Szeles Enikő

3100 Salgótarján, Rákóczi út 78.

Telefon: +3620-280-7178